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8mm cine film footage of the Southsea Motor Club speed trials at Thorney Island in the 1950s



The Films below were taken by SMC founder member Leslie Marsh and kindly donated to the club’s archive by his son Geoffrey Marsh.


The Presidents Trial held on 20th February 1949 started and finished at the Welcome Inn, Petersfield with two loops to the West and North of Petersfield. The sections shown are thought to be Lythe Farm Left, The Warren or Wheatham Farm and finally Lythe Farm Right. The event was won by Ron Faulkner in his Mercury Special and second was Jimmy Appleton in an Allard.

The Gymkhana was held at Southsea Common ( The Queens Hotel can be seen in the background) with Riley Police Cars from Portsmouth Constabulary joining in the fun. Lord Mayor (John Privett) being escorted by Motor Club Chairman Harold Winnicott.


A Southsea Motor Club trial, undated, featuring hills at Mayfry Hill and Lythe Farm Right

FILMS 3, 4 and 5

Southsea Motor Club trials, undated

FILMS 6 and 7

Hill Climb, possibly mid 1930s, thought to be at Shelsley Walsh, Worcestershire