Twelve Car Rallies

The Rally Replay Hunt Trophy 12 Car Rally is postponed until later in the year due to major road works just announced by W. Sussex council – 28/2/22



Some new procedures  will be in place for future events to meet Motorsport UK Covid-19 Rules.


Marshals must sign-on in advance using the Sign-on Form that can be downloaded from the Marshalling page. Marshals are no longer permitted to turn up and sign-on on the night of the event.

12 Car Rally on-line Entry 

To complete the Entry Form / Insurance Form electronically you will need to:

  1. Click on the link below to open the form.
  2. Click on the Disk icon to save a copy of the form.
  3. Minimise the Web page and open the saved copy of the form.
  4. Use the Adobe ‘Fill & Sign’ tool, select Add Text, click on each box and fill out as required.
  5. Add ######### over the sections that ask you to delete as appropriate.
  6. Click on the disk icon to save the updated form.
  7. Attach the updated form to the email, and send to the organiser.

If you require event insurance then you will also need to complete the Competitor insurance form and send this with your entry.

Twelve Car Rally Entry Form (DOCX)

Twelve Car Rally Entry Form (PDF)

Competitor Insurance Form.REIS

Twelve car rally insurance from REIS

Acceptance Limits – Competition Cover – £18.50 fee

  • Automatic acceptance will be given to all competitors meeting the following criteria:

  • Age 19 years or over

  • Has held a full licence for a minimum of 6 months

  • Has no more than 6 points on their licence

  • Has had no more than 1 fault claim in the last 3 years

Anyone aged less than 19 years old will also be accepted at the same price should their co-driver be a more senior member of their family or over 25.

IMPORTANT: In order to compete on 12 Car Rallies from 2020 onwards, you must hold at minimum, a MotorSport UK RS Clubman Licence which is available free of charge from Motorsport UK. 

If you can state that you have no medical conditions, are over 18 and a British Citizen, you can apply online here:

alternatively you can apply using a paper form available here


New Regulations have been introduced for Southsea Motor Club Twelve Car Rallies from 2016

These may be downloaded below.

SMC 12 Car Rally General Regulations 2016


Don’t know where to start? Have a look at our Beginners Guide below

SMC Beginners Guide to 12 Car Navigational Rallies 


Want to get off marked maps and learn more about basic navigation? Have a look at the slide show below

 12 Car Novice Navigator training slideshow




12-car rally is a type of car rally, run by motor clubs as a simple and strictly amateur form of the sport.
The rallies are run on weekday evenings (usually a Friday) starting 7.30 to 8.00 and lasting about 2 hours during the winter months. Usually about 50 – 60 miles long they allow you to learn all the intricacies of rally navigation and timing in a low cost and friendly environment. In general they will be run using “plot’n’bash” (i.e. navigate on the move) with up to 8 or 9 time controls. As the events are suitable for novices, plenty of information allowing you to recover the route if you become lost is usually provided.
12-car rallies are run to Navigational Rally rules, which are based on navigational skills rather than speed. In the United Kingdom, the rules for 12-cars are governed by the Motor Sports Association (MSA) and are principally as follows:

  • Maximum of 12 competing vehicles per event (hence the name)
  • Competition is by crews of two (driver and navigator)
  • Only standard road cars permitted, not fully prepared cars (this is at the discretion of the organising club, but is widely upheld)
  • Maximum 30 mph average speed only
  • No timing to the second permitted, only to the previous minute
  • Police will be informed of the event, though route information does not need to be submitted and approved
  • Route authorisation must be granted from the MSA’s local representative.

The tools needed by the navigator are relatively few but a little preparation goes a long way.
Maps: You will need to obtain the correct Ordnance Survey Landranger Maps for the event (identified by the edition number, version and date of issue) All our events are set on Map Sheets 185, 186, 196 or 197. The maps are reasonably priced from www phone 0845 6346266.
Nowadays it is ILLEGAL (under MSA regulations) to add information to your maps, other than that given to you by the organisers. You can only highlight information already on it. Some events will check your maps prior to and during the event, to ensure that you are complying with this regulation.
Romer: A romer is your basic means of putting some parts of the route on the map. Its main function is to allow you to plot map references accurately. You can usually buy these at camping and outdoor leisure pursuit centres, or from specialised dealers like Demon Tweeks, Basic Equipment or Rally Navigation Services.
Map board: In order to rest your map on! A sturdy piece of cardboard is recommended as it will fold up in case of an accident but a largish clipboard or piece of hardboard will do.
Clip Board: You will please every marshal enroute if your time cards are firmly attached to a clipboard. It makes writing times and signatures so much easier.
Pencils etc.: A selection of soft pencils (2B or softer), rubber, sharpener, pens etc.
Watches: One watch/stopwatch will suffice but two is ideal, usually one set to time of day (normally BBC time), one for use as a stopwatch. Digital ones are more accurate and easier to use.