Syd Taylor Autocross

The Syd Taylor Autocross will not be run in 2022 due to lack of availability of a suitable venue.


Mark Tredwell FTD & Barley Mow Trophy 02


Autocross events run on off-road circuits of about 1000m normally on grass or stubble. Timing is against the clock, with up to 4 cars on track at the same time. Conditions of the track can change rapidly, so you need to be adjusting your driving technique all the time to find the best traction to achieve the fastest time. The event starts with practice, followed usually by at least two timed runs, with the fastest time to count for results.

You can start to compete in Autocross events from the age of 14. As long as you have a National B MSA Competition Licence, the basic safety gear of fire resistant overalls, gloves, crash helmet and a fire extinguisher, you can take your everyday car and have a go. Cars vary from Standard Road Cars, Rally Cars, Lightweight Autocross Cars and Specials. Full regulations and requirements can be found in Section ‘N’ of the MSA Competitors Year Book.