The ‘Hunt Trophy’ Navigational 12 Car Rally

Friday 13th March 2020

The Hunt Trophy 12 car ran on Friday 13th March 2020. Unlucky maybe for some but overall all crews got around safely and seemed to enjoy the route which covered 70 miles in Hampshire’s tricky lanes.

The build up to the event was a worry with all the bad weather we have had, and was expecting to have to reroute,  but a break from the rain meant it was actually dry and sunny when I was putting out the 44 code boards, which included 20 not as map triangles. However right on cue the drizzle started again late afternoon and continued most of the evening which turned the drying roads back into the slippery muddy lanes we can expect on a 12 car.

Car 1 set of into the darkness at 1 minute past Eight and was to finish with a clean sheet which was pleasing as it proved that the event was cleanable but this is the Hunt rally and it’s notorious for being a little tougher than the usual 12 car.

The navigation was the usual mix of Spot Heights, Herringbones, Tulips, Grid Squares etc but with all those Triangles, and 5 Passage control to slow you down it was always going to be a tough night.

Most crews only dropped small amounts of time at some of the controls, and a few missed code boards on the loops with the varied navigation catching out the unwary.

Novices possibly had a harder time with all that plotting but were given the control locations and overall did very well.

We had 3 Beginners crews that each had a marked map. The Hunt is no easy task so was pleased that all made it  around, albeit with mixed results with 2 crews having to cut and run towards the end which gave some larger penalties.

Well Done to John and Pash for the overall victory – see below for results

A huge thanks to all the 15 marshals that turned out on the night meant that all 11 time controls and 5 passage controls were manned. Congrats to Ian Collins who was awarded the marshals prize drawn at random from our kind Hosts at the Angel Hotel at Privett.

Thank you also to my Co Organiser Andy for all your help with entries and with checking and double checking of the paper work.

And thanks to Eddie for organising the Permits and Insurance.

Paul Hollingham

1   1E     JOHN TAYLOR                  RICHARD PASHLEY          0    0

2   2E     BARRY SHURMAN          STEVE BARBER                 2F  13

3   3E     AARON GENT                  SIMON FUIDGE               2F  14

4   4E     GRAHAM YATES              RICHARD ARNOLD          2F  37

5   5E     EDDIE GALE                      PAUL VAUGHAN             4F  2

6   1N    TOM ALDERTON             PAUL ALDERTON            6F  31

7   2N    STEVE JONES                   RON BRIDGER                  8F  27

     1B     JEREMY PACKER             CHRIS GILBERT                4F  5

     2B     JACK COPPACK                LEE BELSHAW                  27F 19