Outside Events Championship

National B Permit Events

Starting an event –      2 points

Finishing an event –      4 points

Finishing within the top 25% of class –      10 points

Finishing outside top 25% but within top 50% –      6 points

Finishing outside top 50% but within top 75% –      4 points

Finishing 1st Overall (in addition to class position points) –      10 points

Finishing 2nd Overall (in addition to class position points) –      6 points

Finishing 3rd Overall (in addition to class position points) –      4 points

Example – Finish 3rd overall and 3rd in class of 15 = 2+4+10+4 =20 points

Clubman Permit Events

Half National B points

Example – Finish 6th overall and 2nd in class of 3 = 1+2+2 = 5 points

National A permit Events

Double National B points

Example – Finish 37th overall and 2nd in class of 10 = 4+8+20 = 22 points

International Permit Events

Double National A points

Example – Finish 17th overall and 9th in class of 10 = 8+16 = 24 points

Marshals Championship

Clerk of the Course/Event Manager/Principle Organiser –      25 points

Member of the Organising Committee –      20 points

Course Opener or Closer duties (e.g. 12 Car, 20/20, Rally, multi-venue rally etc etc) –       12 points

Signed on official on set-up or pack up day (where set-up/pack-up day differs from that of event) –      8 points

Signed on official/marshal on event day-      8 points


1) Points can be scored for attendance at both set-up day and event itself unless you are on the organising committee for which you can only score points solely for being on the organising committee. Points can only be claimed for 2 out of 3 days attendance i.e. set-up and event, or event and pack-up etc.

2) The CoC/Event Manager/Principle Organiser can only score points for that job and not additional points for also being on the organising committee.

12 Car Championship

1st Southsea driver or navigator = 12 points

2nd = 11 points

12th  = 1 point

Started but not classified as a finisher = 1 point

If non-Southsea members participate then points are still awarded in above order regardless of finishing position. E.g. a Bognor crew finishes 1st, a Farnborough crew 2nd, and a Southsea crew 3rd – 12 points awarded to Southsea members in 3rd place.


Ability status of driver or navigator (i.e. expert/semi-expert/novice/beginner etc.) currently at the discretion of the Championship Secretary in consultation with the Club Council of Management/Committee.

Club Championship

Same points for 12 car championship regardless of event and number of participants.

1st = 12, 2nd = 11, 3rd = 10 etc.

12th finisher and beyond score 1 point.

Non finisher = 1 point


As with 12 cars, points are awarded in order of Southsea members finishing an event, i.e. non club members are removed from results to compile points.

In order to qualify for any club awards, members must officiate or marshal on club events and score at least 16 marshals points.