AutoSOLOs / Autotests


AutoSOLOs are run on sealed surfaces only, normally a large car park or airfield. Courses of numbered cones are laid out around the venue and competitors take turns to drive the tests. The tests are all forwards and competitors should be able to drive the course without needing to shunt or use the handbrake. Penalties are applied if course markers are hit or the wrong route is driven. The winner being the driver with the lowest accumulated time over all the tests.

Competitors may be required to marshal on some events and are split into two groups, so that one group is competing and one marshalling. The groups will then rotate until all drivers have completed the tests.

All cars in AutoSOLO events must be driven to the event, so will be required to be insured, taxed and MOT’d, with classes ranging from standard cars to modified and sports cars. Full regulations and requirements can be found in Section ‘M’ of the MSA Competitors Year Book.